My Book Club Reading List

Las Cruces Book Club Discussion Group
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One of the hardest parts of a book club is coming up with a list of books and deciding on what books to read as a group. From the start, I knew that I didn’t want a book club where one person was responsible for selecting the book. So, we’ve always voted from a list of books recommended by anyone in the group.

Here’s a list of our book club selections from the last four years. The books with a √ are books that I recommend for your group. These are books that I found led to great discussion in our group. The √ doesn’t necessarily indicate how well we liked the book, just whether the books was conducive to good group discussion.

I’ve included a link to the discussion questions we used for some of these titles.

Book Club Recommended Reading List:

  • The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants by Ann Brashares (√)
  • Austenland by Shannon Hale
  • Good Grief by Lolly Winston (√) [Read more…]

Conversations with a three year old: The ‘What Day Is It’ Episode

What day is it mommy?

I had the following conversation (if you could call it that) this morning with Big Brother on the way to school. Conversations with three-year-olds are generally great ways to induce insanity and just one of the many reasons I live in Daily Delirium.

If you have a three-year-old, you feel my pain.

Don’t deny it!

Episode: What Day is it?

BB: Is it Sunday School Day?

Me: No, today is Monday

BB: Is it Candy and Movies Day?

Me: No, Candy and Movies day is Friday. Today is Monday

BB: Is it plain old Tuesday?

Me: No, today is Monday. It’s show and tell day. [Read more…]

Where’s the Solidarity Moms?

I can’t seem to get Nina Simone out of my head this afternoon, “O-o-h child things are going to easier…”

Solidarity in motherhood
Wait! It gets worse???

Because, honestly, I just have believe that parenting will get easier… someday! It couldn’t possibly get any harder could it?

Today I was with a group of women, mostly moms, of varying ages. As we were going around introducing ourselves one of the older mothers began decrying the challenges of dealing with her adult children. She pointed a finger at a friend of mine who has two small children and said, “You enjoy it while they’re young, because it gets even harder the older they get.”

Ugh! (Major eye roll)!

That comment touches on one of my all-time, biggest pet peeves as a mom. Why would we tell each other that life is going to get worse… That our biggest challenges still lie ahead… That our children haven’t even begun to test our patience yet?

Really, where is the solidarity moms?

[Read more…]

Fresh & Easy Panzanella Salad

Easy Panzanella Salad
Katy's Panzanella Salad

I have a friend named Katy. She is one of the classiest people I know.

I am talking Grace Kelly classy.

Katy has a ton of other great qualities, but I just love her class because I’m more of a “shows up in wrinkled clothes with spit-up on her shirt” kind of girl. Katy is like a breath of fresh air!

Katy even cooks classy. She came up with this great recipe for Panzanella Salad that is now one of my absolute favorite things to make. It’s also a great low-budget recipe!

I searched the internet for a similar Panzanella Salad recipe and just couldn’t find one as good as Katy’s

Warning: this is not a low-carb recipe. It has tons of healthy veggies, but if you’re looking for low-carb… run away!

I hope you enjoy this recipe as much as we have! Please leave me a comment and let me know what you think.

Meal Planning Staples: Pasta Salad

One of the ways I try to create order in my crazy life is through monthly meal planning. Sounds crazy, I know!

The hours between 4:30 p.m. and 7:30 p.m. are the most stressful part of my day.

The kids are grouchy. I’m exhausted. The house is a mess. The last thing I want to think about at that point in my day is what to make for dinner.

Before we had kids it wasn’t such a big deal. We’d either eat out or I’d make quesadillas (I could live on quesadillas. I’m talking three times a day! My husband, not so much.).

Having kids has taken all of the fun out of eating in a restaurant. So that option is out. I’ve also become a little more budget conscious.

So, over the last few years I’ve found that making a meal plan can take a bit of the stress out of dinnertime. As an added bonus it also saves us a lot of money.

One of the best tip I can give for meal planning is to have a few recipes that you use as dinnertime staples every month. These are recipes/meals that are: A) Easy to fix, B) Include ingredients that are easy to keep on-hand, and C) Are recipes that everyone loves. [Read more…]